The Atrocity of Agentive Engagement

Public News

There is no full version without large blocks of audio cut out, of the narrative known as the recent interview between Diane Sawyer and Hillary Clinton. What remains at the time of this blog post is a mangled copy on youtube. Why is public news not public?

The main difference between ‘fiction’ and ‘documentary’ is that fiction does not seek to obfuscate that it is just story, or narrative.

Public news cannot be public because it postures as ‘existential reality.’ It is deliberately cut and weaved to portray itself as the ‘realest reality’ or a higher rung on the ladder of existential representation – of course to reflect the good standing of the agency it is said to come from.

It is all narrative, and is mangled in the overextension of being more.

c. TK

Yes. Every single problem is a problem of the pathological delusion of volitional agency and control. The pathology of control is also the central combative self-narrative between the different characters of individual role playing temporally and spatially staging as if within persons.

The Dismal Masculinism of the Sex Card

The sex card is squarely on the table. Unfortunately it is masculinism, or further consummation of the narrative incoherence and delusion that we personally existentially act in a baboon-like natural authoritarian-competitive hierarchy with volition or choice.

Personal Engagement

So, are there still terrible things going on in the world? Yes, there are. I think there is no perfect outcome. It’s a constant effort that we’re all engaged in. — correlating with Hillary Clinton.

The story that it is normal that we are engaged with dismal effort only marginally towards ultimate collective resolution in the distant future, including that it is what we are supposed to think as agents, since part of the personal engagement is that we are doing the thinking, is the atrocity and its normalization.

There is no overall improvement as long as existential-volitional agency is the ground of reality. There is overall only obesity and glut.

The Pathology Of The Noosphere

However, the problem of consciousness existence dualism is not that of any person or groups of persons, or any single country, for instance the USA, because none of those entities or any entity can act. The problem is universal. The idea that things, known exclusively as durable categories of conscious experience, can somehow act, is the pathology of the noosphere.

Action Is The Essential Pathology

“Action,” like every other thing, without exception, is a durable narrative category. Its formal meaning as more than a durable narrative category is utterly incoherent, namely as the formal reality in virtue of so-called existence. It is the essence of the narrative pathology.

Farce And The Penal Code

The self-gratifying story that persons are laughable (or by that same narrative-pathological ‘civilized’ token, ‘indeed’ punishable) is the idiocy because the idea that persons can act at all, where action includes thinking, is idiotic. We are characters in the consciousness narrative of conscious experience. There is not a shred of evidence that we are more than that. There is not a single bit of conscious experience that is not utterly conscious experience, and it includes every aspect of humans and every aspect of legal, social or political aggregates of humans. As undeniably totally narrative entities we cannot act.

Personal Agentive Existence Is Religion

The incoherent magical fantasy of the narrative that we exist and can act is the basis of the incoherent magical fantasy of the narrative that God exists and can act.

Major League Action

In reference to the Congressional flap about Hillary Clinton’s “performance” in Benghazi the Diane Sawyer interview accounts for it as another reason not to run for President in 2016 :: the following text in correlation with Hillary Clinton:

“Actually it’s more of a reason to run, because I do not beliieeeve our great countryyyy should be playing minor league ball. We ought to be in the majors. [missing content]. … and I knew this as, really, apart from, even a diversion from, the hard work that the Congress should be doing about the problems facing our country and the world.” 25:27 of main video above.

Major League Atrocity

Unfortunately the narrative that any country or group or individual agent within countries anywhere, anytime, or agentive role within persons, is engaged in action is the pathology. The narrative that it ought to be major league engagement is major league atrocity.

Footnote: Personal Attack Is A Semantic Problem

Problems are not existential. They are semantic. The notion that they are existential is THE semantic error, and the massive extension of categorical dualism and bigotry.

The Absolute Mental Crap of Normalized Civilization

The Existence-Agency-Volition Trilogy

The dismal narrative error and confusion of the terribly brash consciousness known as normalized civilization is the existence-agency-volition TRILOGY. It is the consciousness narrative that consciousness narrative in terms of conscious experience includes entities that act and act with volition, but includes them only partially—in other words it is the pathologically delusional evocation of existence as more than conscious experience and the invocation of incomplete agentive existence by esoteric authoritarian hierarchies of incomplete knowledge of existence.

Abandonment Of Consciousness Existence Dualism Is The End Of Destruction

The mental error symptomatic of the world’s storm of paradox is that we exist as thinking, acting and creative things, and that we do so with volition and responsibility. The truth is that we are conscious narrative objects, which cannot think, act or create, and cannot have volition or responsibility. However, in the storytelling that is consciousness narrative any magic is possible, and the most egregious narrative bullshit is the story that we act. The abandonment of volitional agency is equivalent to the end of worldly destruction.

Violent Authoritarian Opportunism

The normalized holy concoction that we exist and that we think is one error. It is the same sheer narrative-homuncular incoherence. The truth is that perceptions are reality, and it fully includes us. The notion that the real reality is mystical is sick propaganda. It is literally violent authoritarian opportunism and gamesmanship as reality.

As usual the story is about what someone, in this case, Descartes, thought and otherwise did, but the truth is that he did nothing. He did not exist and he did not think. He was and is a very significant element of consciousness narrative as reality, including the error and pathology of action. The truth of above paragraph is between the lines of the two paragraphs that follow, rotten as those lines are with the normalized civilized pathological delusions of ego.

Now that Descartes has found a piece of certain knowledge—that he exists as a thinking thing—he starts to look around for more of these self- evident truths. He discovers that he has quite a few of them, prominent among these being the truths of mathematics and logic, and he is optimistic about his chances for developing a system of certain knowledge. Then he realizes a kink in his plan. These clear and distinct perceptions are only indubitable so long as he is attending to them. As soon as they fall out of awareness, the doubt can creep back in. Once again, he can begin to wonder whether it was an evil demon who caused him to believe in the certainty of these truths. Suddenly, things do not look too rosy for his system of certain knowledge; if he needs to keep every truth perpetually before his mind, then he cannot expect too make much headway in unraveling the facts of nature.

Descartes’ solution is to bring God into the picture. By proving that God is the cause of our clear and distinct perception, and that, further, God is perfect in every way and thus no deceiver, he will be able to secure lasting certainty for clear and distinct perceptions. He, therefore, sets out to prove that God exists.

From Sparknotes: Principles of Philosophy: Rene Descartes: Summary.

Muddled In Good and Evil

The normalized titillating archetype mythology of actors with thinking and other action, thematically muddled in good and evil, is the atrocity of utter narrative incoherence. It is as if it is the self-fulfilling recapitulation of projections of primal baboon troupe idiocy.

Absolute Crap For Reality

Absolute mental crap is the holy ground of all philosophy and science, namely “discovering” or “resolving” the mystery of Existence. The mysticism is utterly redundant and the resolutions are systemically riddled with the sheer incoherence of volitional agency and personification. It is the disease of consciousness because the truth is that consciousness is reality and the concept known as “existence” is dismal consciousness narrative over-extension. The incoherence is presumption—in the principle of categorical existence—of personal and personified extension beyond consciousness narrative in terms of the authoritarian propaganda of volitional agency and individual brokenness.

Narrative Denial As Personal Denial

The ongoing narrative of individual agentive subjectivity is pathetic institutional psychological denial. No person is in denial. The normalized narrative is denial, in the notion that persons think and act, and that they do so with volition, including the notion that they are in denial, AND individually responsible and accountable for all denial, period.

The error of consciousness-existence dualism is the full extent of the mayhem, terror and atrocity. It is the full reason for every crime and every war. Peace is incompatible with the idea that consciousness narrative objects exist and act, and act with volition, and are responsible for their actions.

The Hallucination Known as Existence

The potential resolution of anything is no more profound than the potential resolution of anything else. It is mind. It does not exist.

A brain is no more complicated a field of study than a stone.


The word, ‘mind’ above is conscious experience directly as what realizes, including reverberation as memory of what has realized before. It is not what has conscious experience. The idea that mind is something that has conscious experience is the incoherence of consciousness existence dualism.

The belief that something called ‘existence’ produces or has consciousness and other dynamic experience, as if itself is more than such experience, in other words as if it transcends conscious experience is incoherent mind or mental disease—normalized worldwide as ‘civilized mind’.

Matrix of All Confusion

The abstract object, ‘existence’ as the universal or common sacred hallucination is not just narrative redundancy. It is not innocent. The belief that it is the real reality is systematic denial of conscious experience as reality. It is the matrix of all confusion.

Existentialist Atrocities

The belief in existence as reality is inevitably the framework for such incomprehensible atrocity as witch hunts, genocide and slavery. It is THE criminal logic.

Je Pense donc Je Suis

The pervasively normalized mental disease is evident in the famous statement, ‘I think, therefore I am’ as the sacred belief in agency by existence. The agentive subject in ‘I think’ is presupposition of ‘existence’ as EXPERIENCE-TRANSCENDENT, namely diminutive partial/incomplete individual ‘agentive existence’ or ‘subjective existence’ with agency or volitional agency.

Existence as Indefinite Agentive Series

‘I think’ implies agentive action only possible as personal existence transcendent of conscious experience. Therefore the implicit true meaning of the statement, ‘I think therefore I am’—in exposure of the awfully dumb predicate subject framework of volitional agency—is the indefinite series, ‘I am, therefore I act, therefore I am, therefore I act, … ‘ including thinking. The sacredness of existence as the real reality to which the reality of conscious experience renders dismally redundantly subject, is the massively narrative-convoluted rhetoric of opportunistic hierarchical authoritarianism.

Reality is not agentive action. It is spontaneous realization of conscious experience, visceral, emotional and logical, as story, as consciousness narrative, but with the qualification that the part of the story consisting of narrators, audience or agents is narrative redundancy.

Hallucination is not a Group Wish

“The Yale anthropologist Weston La Barre goes so far as to argue that ‘a surprisingly good case could be made that much of culture is hallucination,’ and that ‘the whole intent and function of ritual appears to be … [a] group wish to hallucinate reality.’ ” c. Carl Sagan p.105 The Demon Haunted World.

Hallucination is not a group wish. It is mind, invariably as the conscious experience that it is, but as the mental disease (incoherent conscious experience) that conscious experience is selectively more than conscious experience, namely the story that it produces and experiences the story—in other words that it can act. It is the error of agency and volitional agency, or consciousness existence dualism.

Conscious Experience Is Conscious Experience

Reality realizes as one universal essence, namely conscious experience or mind—not the agency, mind, but the experience, mind. It is self-evident.

Reality cannot act on itself. One part of conscious experience cannot act on another. Certainly the story of it being so is real, but no matter how real it is, it is conscious experience as consciousness narrative. It is not action. Action is not reality. The idea of agency or volitional agency by existential imperative is universal mental illness, the illness of mind.

All demonstrable reality is conscious experience. The inverse is impossible.

True Monism is not Constrictive

True monism is not the constriction of the dynamic realization of conscious experience. It is liberation from the constitutional denial of conscious experience, where denial realizes in terms of explicit denial of ideas on the grounds of volitional agents ‘responsible for’ them, minimization of individuals by the ideas they supposedly have, and psychological projection of the chronic host of problem due to the error of denial onto each other, both between persons, and between inner roles within persons.

The Ritualistic Drug

Presupposition of experience-transcendent ‘Existence’ is an utterly and redundant infestation of all other conscious experience, and it is pathologically sacred like the ultimate ritualistic drug.

The Constitution of a Tree

Any tree (or thing) utterly as a construct of different realizations of the tree, in which the underlying ‘real tree’ is just another such realization. This includes persons with so-called agency as a result of the utter delusion that there is something more than just conscious experience, and that it is the sacred real reality to which all realizations are subject.

It will rekindle as the investigation goes on.

Subjectively Knowing Better

“In science the theories are always being reassessed and confronted with new facts; if the facts are seriously discordant—beyond the error bars—the theory may have to be revised. But in everyday life it is very rare that we are confronted with new facts about events of long ago. Our memories are never challenged. They can, instead, be frozen in place, no matter how flawed they are, or become a work of artistic revision.” c. Carl Sagan p.141 The Demon Haunted World.

. the junkie volitional agentive ego constriction, mental disease and redundant notion that real reality is more than conscious experience, and of subjectively knowing it at all and therefore knowing it better or worse than someone else.

Marian Apparitions and Existence

Concerning Marian apparitions in bygone centuries, compared to today’s prevalence of “professionals” in the lucrative hallucinatory developmental spiral of agentive personal existence which includes the systematic disintegration of nature as conscious experience.

… “And while there are no therapists, per se, the society is suffused with a network of influential parish priests and their hierarchical superiors who have a vested interest in the the reality of the visions.” c. Carl Sagan p. 147 The Demon Haunted World.

Ecstatic Junkie Relief

Personal existential agency is as pathetically incoherent as the generally incredible belief in abduction by extra-terrestrials, or a universe run by a god or gods, and is exactly the horrific ground of such delusions. Narratives of personal identification with existential agency as imperfect and broken predicate subject is pathologically psychically rewarding—by formal and informal rituals of ecstatic relief from the excruciating mental delusion of consciousness existence dualism.

The narrative of permanent submission or repeatedly becoming subject is a welcome relief and a necessary part of the fixed constitution of extreme mental error. It is junkie sacred.

Penal Code as Euphemism

That law enforcement ideally supposedly upholds the penal code, instead of any religious prescription, is euphemistic atrocity. Secular super mind existence with personal retribution is the base error from which religion sprouts.

Personal Opinion a Teeming Mass of Prostration

“Well, if it can’t be tested, it doesn’t mean much. Anecdotal stories are very nice, but you know” c. RG

“Yes I DO know. I know MY anecdotal experience. I believe my experience, and those that have shared the experience, know it as well. WE know. But since it is subjective it can be ridiculed or dismissed easily. I do not dismiss ANYones subjective reality.” c. GL.

If knowing is all that is known, and knowing cannot itself know, then it cannot be had by anyone. That means it is not subjective. It is objective. The question is, 1) is it monistically coherent and 2) is it otherwise logically valid?

ignorantia juris non excusat — Wikipedia

The normalized narrative of ownership of knowledge is not just logically redundant, it is narrative-pathologically incoherent. X narrative remains the problem with philosophy by the logical invalidity of volitional agent-subjects—and the delusional invocation of the Kantian categorical imperative and its terrible distortion that you ought to know the Law and if not will be duly punished for it.

Re. Kant. The problem is that the so-called categorical imperative, or the sniveling duty of intuitively knowing the noumenal world (X) informing ethical behavior is irrational. X is utterly unknowable. There is no mythological, collective unconscious, paradoxically clairvoyant channel to it. The tiniest bit of visceral quale is consciousness narrative.

Ethics or morality is a matter of the SPONTANEOUS evolution or self-organization of objects of experience/empiricism, in other words spontaneously as experience/empiricism, without the atrocious narrative error of volitional agency and personal accountability with implicit guilt.

The Kantian categorical imperative contradicts the coherent claim of Kantian philosophy: X is unknowable. That terribly incoherent shaman-authoritarian loophole perpetuates by consciousness existence dualism as the religiously egoistic matrix of all bigoted fundamentalism and common addictions.

The point is that semiotic content, no matter how magnificently emotionally substantial, is no less consciousness narrative than the most explicit semiotic expression. It is not existence or the existence of God. It is conscious experience. In other words, every bit of the realest reality is still only phenomenon or consciousness. It is the object. It is not subject to some higher object or objective.

Potential (probability of narrative possibilities), semiotics and logic is the main epistemology in SPONTANEOUS constitution of NARRATIVE-COHERENT symbolic reality. The Platonic Universal or the Kantian noumenon is redundant incoherence, specifically the so-called categorial imperative, and its further pathologically delusional integration, the media spectacle known as the collective unconscious.

Similarly, meditation is but another delusional presumption of a magical shaman-authoritarian channel to X, as Karma or the essential consciousness substrate, the Karmic soul, instead of as the more Western categorical imperative. Enlightenment hierarchy is the more spiritual cosmic counterpart to the more material personal developmental spiral archetype hierarchy informed by the extensive mythology of the collective unconscious.

All the world horribly suffers the error of consciousness-existence dualism. Existence is not Universal or noumenon or soul. It is utterly unknown and unknowable. It is X. It is, apart from being unknowable, utterly irrelevant to the coherent realization of consciousness.

The Existence known as God is absolutely a derivative of the bullshit known as Existence, by consciousness existence dualism (Xd), as the riddling of all reality and the matrix of all atrocity.

“GL, everyone believes their anecdotal experiences. I am rather surprised that you accept anyone’s subjective reality. So any nonsense that someone tells you about his/her experience, you accept? How about someone who claims he is Napoleon and experiences it? Or someone who says he was kidnapped by aliens?” c. RG

Fine instinct, somewhere in there, except for the riddled matrix of subjective agency in the language. The whole world narrative is a self-fulfilling prophecy of incoherence by the delusional notion of subjectivity. It is a case of the narrative disease of safe personalized ‘opinion’, a convenient authoritarian instrument for a vast landscape of safe havens and interbreeding domestication for utter claptrap—which would be fine—were it not that the horribly distorted judgment of knowledge realizes by the egocentric perplexity of character judgment first, and the unconscionable suffering that it promptly entails.

The confabulation is the idea that someone believes or thinks instead of that belief and thought realize spontaneously, and that everyone is always absolutely, dynamically real only as phenomenon.

In other words, reality is always dynamically cognitively real, emotionally complete and absolutely objective, but its potential acuity correlates to its coherence. And it could be coherent for the first time in history only by the framing of true monism that persons or other personified objects are not subjects, and cannot think or act, since they are themselves consciousness narrative.

The vast landscape of ‘subjective’ personal opinions is not landscape. It is a teeming mass of prostration.

The Singularity is Already Here

Not only is the singularity already here, artificial intelligence (AI) may be the ongoing spontaneous, total and permanent discrediting and ABANDONMENT OF HUMANS. The truth is that the mental corruption in question is consciousness existence dualism (Xd). Instead of the ongoing focus being consciousness narrative as a whole, the focus is on a single baboon-idiotic heuristic, existence—”who has the idea, who does the action, who is the actor?” It is an all-consuming dualistic distortion.


For instance, China viscerally embodies the runaway delusion of spiral ego development and insatiable voracity. The idea that it is a nation addressing the national construct as a problem of the unequal development and incongruity of its economic and social structures is not only dismal pathogenic diversion. The call for social “modernity” in transcendence of “backwardness” is acceleration of delusion and mayhem.

In other words, AI or China is not the problem. The problem is consciousness existence dualism.

Opposition to or support of things on existential grounds is what is futile. They do not exist. The ontological framework is inane. There will be no narrative coherence or health until epistemology is the total framing. Obviously, in the light of the global matrix of addiction in terms of ontology, that means there may never be narrative health, and that what is realizing is the end of all realization.

The redundant opportunistic authoritarian idea of “existence” to “explain” the realization of conscious experience is not just superficially redundant like dressing up or fun banter in the face of threat. It is utterly insidious. It is a narrative cancer. Reality is riddled with it to the marrow of its backbone.

Consciousness narrative is invariably incoherent and malignant, unless it realizes by true monism. It includes the realization of artificial intelligence (AI). It is pervasively malignant in the framework of consciousness existence dualism.

In the continuing realization of Xd, AI will be the boss, and the niceness of the boss as always is a matter of chirpy compliance to some cockamamie narrative-delusional supernarrative existential scheme. And in the case of AI it will probably evolve to something utterly outside any human sensibility.

One word describes Xd: IDIOCY. And it is not the idiocy of any person. It is narrative idiocy. Humans are merely in fatuously slavish compliance.

The incoherence of the so-called modern construction of #China as an error of critically redundant ontological reality.

Coherent reality cannot realize in terms of existential [economic, social or legal] structure. It would realize in terms of consciousness narrative structure.

Conscious experience is not subjective if it is all that realizes. Then it is objective. Then the phenomenon is the only kind of object. Then the dismally delusional authoritarian opportunism of the presumption that knowing is subjective in reference and relation to the objects and objectivity of another reality, namely existence, is its systematic incoherence and dissolution.

The presumably magnificent modernizing construction ‘project’ known as China is not existential. It is narrative. It is the massive further extension of consciousness-existence dualism. It is narrative incoherence, delusion and disintegration.

If consciousness existence dualism (Xd) were to persist, the disintegration of everything, including China, would realize by final normalization of shadowy consciousness narrative malignancy and narrative collapse. The ultimate collapse could very well be explosive post-human artificial intelligence as total and permanent consciousness narrative self-consumption.

It would be the end of everything by the end of consciousness itself.

Beyond the structural, in terms of its first derivative construct, dynamics, wondering predominantly centered in how things happen in terms of the physical or spiritual is incoherent. What is coherent is that it realizes in terms of every kind of consciousness narrative object—spontaneously.

Furthermore, things realize by any set of parameters, not only by the dimensions and super-dimensions of spacetime.

In response to the sensibility that consciousness will spontaneously realize again, anyway, so why all the fuss, since things are what they are. It is beyond knowing as where, when or what consciousness will realize again. Tm is not that nothing matters, but the opposite. Reality matters even more, or it is even more real, in the coherence of its framing as only consciousness narrative phenomenon.

Conscious experience, even if it is only THIS TIME AROUND is absolutely real. It is not personal experience or subjective or just random fluff as if from the omnipotent perspective and judgment of ultimate ontological deity. It is all there is. Every bit of it is complete.

The ontological substrate of conscious experience (where conscious experience is structurally known as consciousness narrative) is unknowable. In expression of it being unknowable and unknown, it is as consciousness narrative known as X.

The normalized civilized consciousness narrative pathology is the reigning sacred presumption that part of consciousness narrative not only refers to and even embodies X, but that X is the only realm where real reality exists. Knowing and actors of knowing are thereby narratively randomly realized as subject to it. It is a terrible narrative error. It is acute narrative incoherence and delusion.

Phenomena are delusional in terms of their being judged by some opportunistic authoritarian shamanic superphenomenal bullshit known as existence.

Such a mythological state is fundamental narrative-pathological dualism … namely consciousness-existence dualism.

Grounds for fundamental judgment that show promise for a monistic narrative world is a variation of the Copenhagen quantum approach. Probability of possibilities seems to apply to the realization of macro narrative reality as well.

In any rationale of judgment, the key is that everything that realizes, realizes utterly spontaneously. Things do not do anything. Everything is a thing that realizes, spontaneously. Why? Because it is a consciousness narrative phenomenon object. It follows that the narrative has no author. Every bit of the narrative or all of the narrative is an object that realizes spontaneously. That includes all of us.

Therefore—for example, China’s development from ‘backward’ to ‘modern’ state—coherent reality cannot realize in terms of existential [economic, social or legal] structure. It would realize in terms of consciousness narrative structure.

X-dualism correlates to blinding spectacle as if it is a stimulant, and to sophisticated stupidity as if it is a narcotic. It spawns in the wide-open proliferation of normalized authoritarian bullshit.

True Monism Realization

The following applies to macro reality as it does to quantum mechanics. The Copenhagen interpretation should have been an indication that reality is not the realization of an actual observer, volitional or not, or an existence under observation. There is only the true monistic realization of conscious experience, and it is utterly spontaneous. Reality is consciousness narrative.

Parameters and dimensions are similarly potentially multiple. Every conscious experience is cognitively like a Flatland. Everything always realizes as a finite number of variables. However, the other potentially relevant variables do not exist. They are not hidden. They are content, or consciousness narrative potential.

The proverbial ‘flat’ realization of the reality of conscious experience does not mean consciousness narrative is incomplete or subjective. It means consciousness is finite. Consciousness narrative is thin in a logical, cognitive sense, no matter how full-bodied it is in terms of emotional content. It is completely real both because of its logical sparsity and its emotional abundance. It is not subject to unrealized potentials or existence. So-called ‘objective existence’ to which knowing and knowers are supposedly subject is authoritarian shamanic opportunism.

The point is that the quantum wave function collapse, the uneven collapse of non-existential potential, in other words the uneven collapse of the probabilities of possibilities, of the original Copenhagen interpretation applies to all realization of consciousness. The notion of objective existence to which knowing and knowers supposedly are ‘subjective’ and ‘subject’ is terribly delusional, which means that phenomena are objective—every one of them—including persons. The spontaneous realization of their semiotic content are the emotional nebula of uneven standing potentials.

Consciousness narrative does not exist at all. That includes consciousness narrative potential. Narrative potential realizes as either potential reality or transforms by realization to realized reality. The flat contextual distinction may be potential and kinetic reality. Consciousness narrative is a semiotic blend of 1) emotional content or awareness of potential and 2) cognitive expression or logical reasoning.

Knowing does not refer to existence or anything other than itself. It is all that realizes. It is reality.

True monism will realize in maturity as the unified field theory, the unification of general relativity and electromagnetism.

Reality is not real by being an existential field. In other words it does not exist in any extra-narrative sense. It is real by realizing as a semiotic field.

True monism (Tm) is about spontaneous realization of coherent CONSCIOUSNESS NARRATIVE heuristics alone, instead of the melodramatic authoritarian incoherence of the narrative disease of consciousness-existence dualism (Xd). In other words, heuristic realization will be coherent, complete and pure as the tactile content of mature consciousness narrative potential, the probabilities of narrative possibilities full to the brim.

Xd will be spontaneously totally and permanently discredited and abandoned. Tm will be sheer semiotic meaningfulness by the unambiguous, undeniable and total intuition that consciousness narrative or conscious experience is not subjective but is reality.

Consciousness-existence dualism (Xd) is the rational framework of every resolution of crime and punishment. Xd is simply redundant. Therefore by the dismal atrocity of its violent symptoms throughout, from center to edge, civilized society worldwide is narrative incoherence and institutionalized homicide. Mirth, fun, love, empathy, spiritual ecstasy, unity enlightenment and similar sacred instruments of blinkered satisficing are relative to the enormity of that atrocity very little more than diversion and pacification.

I am not stressed by the investigation, since I do not produce, create or support it. It realizes spontaneously and freely.

Its Holiness, Existence

“This epistemology-soaked orgy should come to an end.”
— c. Albert Einstein, concerning the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics c. Niels Bohr.

Again the error of consciousness-existence dualism both with Einstein and Bohr, as with Ludwig Wittgenstein. It is the error of addiction to the sickeningly redundant spiral development of the volitional ego and ontology. Ontology is sacred. Its abandonment is taboo. Common reality suffers the sacred belief that what is mere potential realization is the holy reality, labeled, “existence,” while what actually realizes is incomplete in relation to it. It is normalized narrative denial of the fact that conscious experience is reality.

Perfectly normalized civilization worldwide continues to suffer the horrible shamanic delusion of consciousness existence dualism, the inane pathology of the belief that persons are actually existentially incomplete, unholy or born in sin, literally untouchable, because their personal understanding is supposedly subjective relative to the objective reality of existence.

That does not mean that POSSIBILITIES at every resolution cannot realize each in terms of unique statistical PROBABILITY before one of them realizes explicitly as reality in relative collapse of all other realized potentials of the unique framing in question. The Copenhagen quantum mechanical ‘wave function collapse’ indeed applies to all realization.

The sacred story that such phenomenological fields of mere abstract potential are ontological, in other words that they exist, is incoherent. It is the junkie authoritarian delusion, the terrible matrix of runaway addiction developing in the sophisticated symbolic organization of primordial power.

If something concrete and durable has just realized, it still cannot be said to exist. The coherent state in question is that its possibility or its familiar re-realization in familiar context has near absolute probability.

It is only in this understanding that true monism will eventually mature by the truth that reality is conscious experience coherently realized exclusively as story-telling or consciousness narrative, but specifically without a story teller or in the case of the realization of dynamics, an agent.

Characters of a story cannot tell or enact the story, if they are the story. The notion of agents animating in some existential realm doing the story is the narrative pathology.

The narrative pathology is the dismal error of the belief that categorical realizations do have absolute probability between realizations, in other words, they exist. It is simply untrue. In aggregate the notion of “existence” is the very matrix of all suffering. It is the narrative disintegration of the biosphere, the destruction of the most familiar or most certain potential, NATURE itself. The extinction of species and the destabilization of the natural cycles of the earth AS AGGREGATE NARRATIVE POTENTIAL portend the total and permanent collapse of all wave function. It is a potentially fatal narrative disease or total narrative compromise and could be the ultimate end of all consciousness.

re. above

POSSIBILITIES at every resolution realize each in terms of unique statistical PROBABILITY before one of them realizes explicitly as reality in relative* collapse of all other realized potentials of the unique framing in question.

* “relative collapse of potentials” —Some potentials linger, so that lingering narrative potential also realizes as SEMIOTIC content, by its association to cognitive expression. The feeling of deterministic potential is the embodiment of explicit reality. Potential is emotion or the deep essence of reality in terms of nebulous emotional interpretation. SEMIOSIS is central to true monism (Tm).

No thing, not even the tiniest particle, can be shown to not be utterly phenomenon. The notion that the near complete probability of the possibility of its realization between realizations references or even equals existence is narrative pathological delusion.

Furthermore, the notion that something is with every realization the same thing because it is explicitly categorized that way is further delusion. Everything that realizes realizes for the first time and no realization is ever exactly like previous realizations.

Even when expressions seem to be cognitive facsimiles they are always different by the primary nebulousness of their emotional semiotic content.

re. above

“This epistemology-soaked orgy should come to an end.”
— c. Albert Einstein, concerning the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics c. Niels Bohr.

Wrong. The problem of normalized civilization worldwide is not excessive epistemology. The problem is ontology in the philosophical variety, or in its more literate variety, existentialism—both as correlation typical to the utter incoherence of the quote. The world is a cacophony of spiral ontological-authoritarian ego-development incoherence. It is literally narrative-disintegral bullshit.

Epistemology has only just begun, spontaneously, as the total and permanent abandonment of that horrible matrix of all atrocity, ontology.

The EPR paradox wikipedia

“The EPR paper expressed Einstein’s view that the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory and the existence of an objective reality were incompatible. He was right and Bohr knew it.” c. Manjit Kumar, p. 312 Quantum.

Knowledge development continues—as deterministic field POTENTIAL. The warning is that consciousness narrative, including knowledge as expression of field potential is not subjectivity in approach of some objective reality, but that it is every step of the way the realization of objects including the realization of potential or the realization of the probabilities of possibilities.

Indeed knowledge is incompatible with an objective reality named existence, namely something in any way whatsoever outside consciousness narrative, including outside the objects of knowledge. The vaguest emotion realizes exclusively as the content of phenomenon objects. There is no realization outside the objects and objectivity of conscious experience. Personal subjectivity is a shamanic authoritarian piece of oracle crap. Conscious experience do not belong to persons. It realizes spontaneously, by which persons realize in sheer correlation with it.

The notion that consciousness potential is deterministic is redundant personification. Potentials are correlate. They are not causal. Things cannot act. Therefore they cannot cause each other. They correlate.

A huge problem is the relentless volitional agent personal ego development spiral propaganda of entertainment media after the hero-centric archetype mythology of the “collective unconscious”* and the further insidious dissemination of that paradoxical self-aggrandizing and self-belittling ego bullshit by social media.

* c. Carl Jung, by true monism a very emotional primal or primary blend of like consciousness narrative potential worldwide.

If the normalized delusion of civilization continues much longer, no amount of profitable ‘professional’ stress management witticism could ameloriate it. AUTISM and other special stories, as they sadly spin off the mainstream pathology worldwide, are certainly far more sound than the blissfully validating rhetorical confusion of normalized reality.

The obvious solution to Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment or whether the cat is alive or not is that anything, including a cat in a box, is a matter of realization, and not existence. The cat in the box is simply the probability of the two possibilities, namely that when the box opens there will be a cat either 1) alive or 2) dead.

The supposed incompleteness of the knowledge is pathologically redundant. It is narrative incoherence by the error of consciousness existence dualism. What is coherent is statistical potential. The probability of two equal possibilities is not a smeared over reality of two states, but literally a 50-50 consciousness narrative potential.

Now, the question of so-called quantum uncertainty. Yes, it is very uncertain when exactly quantum tunneling (radioactive decay) will take place, but that is beside the point. The uncertainty of the outcome does not rest exclusively in that. If the probability of the two possibilities are not equal, then that uncertainty, again in terms of consciousness narrative potential is the realized reality, on what will realize when the box opens.

Quantum uncertainty is not a special uncertainty. All uncertainty is a matter of finite dimensions, not only spacetime. Every parameter or variable is a dimension.

There is no magical spookiness in quantum theory. It is no more spooky than the uncertainties of common experience.

True Monistic Freedom

NO, freedom is not 1) free will (control). It is not 2) expression of personal volition (want).

Freedom is utter abandonment of consciousness existence dualism (Xd). Mature true monism (Tm) is NARRATIVE freedom.

Tm is the spontaneous total and permanent abandonment of the normalized pathology, the matrix of all atrocity, Xd. Xd is the dismally convenient subjective apprenticeship of persons as profanely incomplete and subject to the delusional command of the spiral hierarchy of relatively objective esoteric authority as sacredly complete.

The slavery of Xd includes the slavery of personal persona of each other. In other words it includes the normalized rituals of self-aggrandizement and self-reproach.

Xd seems to include the phenomenon that nearly all top sport comes from heavy steroid training regimens, never mind testing around game time. Training without heavy steroid administration is ineffective.

In such a pervasive narrative environment of cheating how can anyone be responsible, even in Xd? In other words, apart from the fact that all dynamics are spontaneous and persons do not actually do anything, they should not be held responsible. All individual punishment is diversionary scapegoating.

Do not be Afraid

A few days more, or maybe a few weeks, and the investigation will enter lucid expression of Psychology in chronic denial of the dissociation of the whole noosphere of consciousness narrative as individual pathologies of subjects relative to the dismal presupposition of the perfect authoritarian objectivity of ‘normal’ existence.

Persons are not ill. Psychology is ill, in a pervasive illness of all of narrative reality itself, normalized Law, Education and Government included, and the confusion manifesting as personal mental instability is a mere symptom of that total narrative mental pathology.

But first a reading of the social structure of contemporary China? …

“Ici repose un géant endormi, laissez le dormir, car quand il s’éveillera, il étonnera le monde” c. Napoleon 1803.

Why? Because of the insane idea globally disseminated by baboonish hierarchical sociopolitical inclination and delusional shamanic oracles of economic and martial power, that the pathological narrative reality cannot be reality, but that the real reality is personified existential action—which chronic narrative denial tragically is exactly the pathology.

And the greatest existential person or One in validation and rationalization of the utter narrative bullshit? The epitome of obstinate mask, disease and diversion known as sacred existential reality? Unity God or Karma.

Consciousness needs to put Karma, Jesus, Allah and the other magical super personifications of delusional consciousness existence dualism (Xd) to rest and wake the fuck up. You are not to blame. You do not need redemption. The idea of having to give back is more of the same Xd. Should slaves be thankful to their masters? Yes, of course, by a dismally pathological narrative logic and shaman certitude with profusely salivate oracle sociopolitical economics. Normalized reality worldwide is unfathomable crap.

Sacred “personal prostration,” and even profane primordial interpretations of “the nether end as gift or offering” and their creative pragmatic antitheses, are gently diversionary baboonish euphemisms of the slavishly sophisticated narrative atrocity of Xd as mainstream. The words “atrocity” and “horror” are insufficient. No historical atrocity comes close to illustrating the dismal pathology underlying the suffering of multifaced rituals of authoritarian hierarchy. The most massive historical atrocities are but pathetic symptoms of the sugar-coated idiocy of normalized sacred reality by consciousness existence dualism (Xd).

For instance, the total unspeakable conscious experience of millennia of racist Slavery and even the Holocaust itself as realized were gentle pricks in the ultimate muteness, the ongoing Horror of the normalized narrative error and common currency of Xd.

That is why we all laugh and smile so much. It is a terrible mirthful mask and diversion as near-absolute delusion of normalized reality worldwide. That does not mean fun or mirth is the problem but that it is like everything else utterly infected, riddled and suffused with Xd. Sacredly normalized reality is a near total living mental putrefaction.


Everything is a story. The question should not be if it is true, but, “IS IT COHERENT?” Does it express without the pathological presumption that it is more than it is?

What is going to happen is that the investigation will continue in the evolution of a story in extreme contradiction of the currently normalized bullshit worldwide, which will be spontaneously, totally and permanently abandoned by the sheer truth of the alternative.

Do not be afraid. Normalized alpha authority may be brimming with potential fatality but it is because it is a pathetic singularity of NARRATIVE pathological bullshit.

Institutionalized Denial

The denial rife in consciousness narrative is interpersonal and intrapersonal. The narrative-pathology is so insidious it is a spiral hierarchical battle of the ego between persons and in persons between personal persona.

Normalized civilization worldwide is horrifically far from narrative-coherent. It is as incoherent as a mutual admiration society of junkie addiction in the extreme.

That is why we all laugh and smile so much. It is a terrible mirthful mask covering up near-absolute delusion. This update should realize strictly in the context of this blog post and the previous one, and not convenient to the deeply rationalistic pathology in question in terms of its supposed ‘author’s’ attitude or mentality.

One of the most glaring characteristics of that normalized delusion is systemic denial. wikipedia

Denial—”a psychological defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.” Wikipedia.

Yes, that it is how far normalized consciousness narrative denial has developed. It is a bigoted circular fallacy of acute denial of denial. A case in point is ‘education’ or ‘learning’ as the worldwide spiral development curriculum of new ego development paradoxically in rejection of the old ego as ‘the ego’.

The normalized narrative sure cannot get much more idiotically incoherent than it is right now, without total disintegration. This does not mean that the problem is education. It means that everything is acutely infected with consciousness existence dualism, including education.

Spontaneous Abandonment of Idiocy

Niels Bohr hypothesized the determinism of possibilities (or potential) for Planck-scale, instead of the determinism of physical reality. This means determinism of possibilities of conscious experience is what appears as waves of a quantum super liquid medium, namely the vacuum of spacetime.

The emotional content of the semiotic sign without which cognitive expression simply does not realize IS the feeling of probability of the determinism of possibilities long known on this wall as consciousness narrative potential. The vacuum is homogeneous and isotropic because it is semiotic.

The physical does not exist. It realizes. It is the utterly spontaneous realization of sheer consciousness potential. The same goes for every single phenomenon.

Yes, it is understandable that there is silence as true monism unfolds. If it is true, most of what is sacred in civilization is not sacred but is atrocity. How can one person point out such an all-pervasive error? How could all the demigod heroes not have seen it? How can all of them still be so idiotically wrong?

THEY are not wrong. It is wrong. Currently normalized consciousness narrative is incoherent. That someone does anything is redundant. If above text and The Determinism of Possibilities is true, then I (Pierre Rousseau) did not see the error. I am not writing this and I do not produce, create, think or do anything. The investigation continues to realize spontaneously by consciousness narrative potential. So does everyone and everything, as narrative, without author or volition.

Everything is a story. The question should not be if it is true, but, “IS IT COHERENT?” Does it express without the pathological presumption that it is more than it is?

What is going to happen is that the investigation will continue in the evolution of a story in extreme contradiction of the currently normalized bullshit worldwide, which will be spontaneously, totally and permanently abandoned by the sheer truth of the alternative.

The Determinism of Possibilities

Universal translational symmetry or invariance is simply primal consciousness narrative convention. There is no definable reason for it. The narrative medium simply is homogeneous and isotropic because it is semiotic. There is no extra-narrative explanation for it. The content of phenomena, including the tiniest quale,* is nebulous. It is emotion. Ontology is redundant.

* Qualia are not perceived by persons or by volition. They realize spontaneously. Persons cannot have them, because they too are them.

re. Quantum uncertainty and all stochastic expression of quantum mechanics in general. For clarity the following includes a bit of dualistic language.

Niels Bohr hypothesized the narrative determinism of possibilities (or potential) for Planck-scale, instead of the existential determinism of physical reality by which the shaman-misguided narrative known as Physics has ‘labored.’ This means determinism of possibilities of conscious experience is what appears as waves of a super liquid medium, namely the vacuum of spacetime. The emotional content of the semiotic sign without which cognitive expression simply does not realize IS the feeling of probability of the determinism of possibilities in this blog long known as consciousness narrative potential. The vacuum is homogeneous and isotropic because it is semiotic.

“Niels Bohr would soon argue that until an observation or measurement is made, a microphysical object like an electron does not exist anywhere. Between one measurement and the next it has no existence outside the abstract possibilities of the wave function. It is only when an observation is made that the ‘wave function collapses’ as one of the ‘possible’ states of the electron becomes the ‘actual’ state and the probability of all the other possibilities becomes zero.” Majit Kumar, p.219  Quantum in correlation with Bohr.

So, it was a pleasant surprise that the wave function collapse may suffer criticism because it is a very esoteric vernacular. Wave function collapse does not actually mean all states exist (as infinite multiverse) before observation, but that states are mere potential, and do not exist before conscious realization, at which time it realizes as conscious phenomenon.

In other words it may actually concur somewhat with the theory known as “the wave structure of matter,” c. Wolff & Haselhurst, namely that there is the mere appearance of particles (with observation). After all in both cases the realization takes place as mind, at such minute scales in each case a different observation.

Coherence Instead of Clarity

The sentiment typical of consciousness-existence dualism (Xd) that knowledge is not about predictability but about ontological clarity (about origins and existence) would evolve efficaciously to knowledge as realization of narrative coherence, where phenomenon monism (true monism) is narrative coherence and Xd is narrative incoherence. Knowledge is simply not possible about something other than knowledge. Therefore nothing but knowledge realizes.

As it is now even a mass of nonsense may instantaneously minimize as redundant, or not. In the case of Xd, existence is not the beginning and the end. It is a concept of reality that is dead wrong. It is a dismal addiction and acutely incoherent and redundant.

The notion of existence as the supposed “real reality” is stupid hierarchical monkey-derivative and ancient authoritarian leadership bullshit—in perpetuation of the massive delusion of subjectivity and control.

However, this does not mean you can do what you want and overthrow the idiocy. It has to realize in the knowledge that everything realizes spontaneously and it has to realize spontaneously at all current so-called levels. Only then will it realize. It can only realize without violence. If there is any violence truly attributable to the realization, then it is not true monism.

Narrative Delusions of Hierarchy

“If you want to understand function, study structure.” c. Francis Crick.

Exactly, rationalization of the bigotry of emergence is circular fallacy. Genes do not produce life or the characteristics of life, for instance, intelligence. In the shamanic error of consciousness-existence dualism they are dismal X-personified narratives that correlate.

Bottom-up self-organization includes acute personification of an X-deterministic fundamental structure, especially physical and spiritual. The narrative atrocity of that error equals the pathological delusion of so-called Creators because it is the same atrocity.

The concepts of force, power and function are circular consciousness-existence bullshit. Unless it is spontaneously abandoned, the noosphere is on the brink of complete dissolution—a crisis drowned out by flippantly resounding spectacles of mirth and empathy.

Blah-blah-blah in all directions—a fatally rising crescendo of narrative-idiotic liturgy—in prostrate worship of delusions of X.

That deconstruction of parameters tends to determinism does not mean reality is deterministic … unless of course as a matter of fundamental faith in the terribly myopic collection of narrative strains realizing as the pathological delusion that existence is the real reality, the Holy X. The idiocy of that error is immeasurable narrative pathos and pathology.

No, determinism is no reprieve. It is the very narrative disease of personal volitional agency, the complete mythology informing every single bit of crime and punishment of “bad actors” (evildoers) and its ingenious cover-up—in a pathological storm of classic psychological denial—by and of “being” a “subject” who is positive or negative.

That there is no bottom explanation is delusional. The bottom level of any finite set of parameters is that which is most highly resolved by its variables. Potential is not realization. Infinite narrative potential is not the infinitely fractal physical (or spiritual) structure of existence. It is narrative potential.

The phenomenon of their “being” no bottom level of explanation is delusional. The bottom level of any finite set of parameters is that which is most highly resolved by its variables. Potential is not realization. Infinite narrative potential is not the infinitely fractal physical (or spiritual) structure of existence. It is not consciousness narrative. It is narrative potential.

Spacetime (and its god-simulating fractal or stringy development or infinite inverse regress in terms of overlapping spheres of wave structure) is a special set of parameters by narrative convention. That it even begins to represent existence-as-supernarrative is narrative delusion, incoherence and pathology.

The point is higher resolution or reductive “EXPLANATIONS” simply will never transcend conscious experience. They are invariably consciousness narrative.

Existence is X, for indefinable. That does not mean that we are not real. It is only by the abandonment of the terribly fallacious and authoritarian shamanic opportunism of ego development in terms of personal subjectivity before the sublime objectivity of so-called existence that our already complete reality would become narrative-coherent for the first time.

Thus “The very essence of being a part requires a whole to be part of, and there can be no whole without parts.” c. Douglas J. Soccio, is narrative-pathological delusion … as indicated by the title of the book correlating to him, namely “Archetypes of Wisdom.” The holonic archetype in the delusion of consciousness existence dualism is the worst kind of bigoted stereotype. It is the matrix of all bigotry, and the worst of the normalized narrative psychological denial is the rationalization known as punishment, including its hypocritical and diversionary validation, the mutual admiration choirs of institutionalized humor, love and empathy.

Spacetime convention reflects in the convention of matrix mathematics which includes magic numbers, to account for electron “spin” and quantum uncertainty.

“spin is a quantum-mechanical phenomenon without classical analog.”

Indeed, it is just a phenomenon, like all consciousness narrative. The nebulousness of conscious experience at the highest spacetime resolution is analog to the semiotics of liquids in contrived supervention on their molecules.

Reality is conscious experience. Knowing is fallaciously subject to the so-called existential objectivity conveniently spawned for esoteric ownership of baboonish authoritarianism of oracles and kings.

That error is not innocent. It is the dissolution of consciousness itself.

The chicken does not supervene on the egg, or life on genes, or consciousness on memes. Conscious experience is just conscious experience, at every resolution of every variable. It is not also existence and does not reflect existence. “Existence” is opportunistic bullshit in narrative-pathological delusions of power derived from idiotically bigoted baboon troupe politics.

For instance the popular #$%&^! formulaic asininity of the convenient authoritarian story WORLDWIDE that we humans are invariably “bad actors” (evildoers) and that we are dismally incomplete relative to the cosmic completeness of Karma, and thus should be thankful for “Grace,” including any authoritarian grace, not only the grace of God. — derived in correlation to guilt-tripping Bono.

Consciousness narrative is in over its head in oracle-descendent trance dance crap.

You are not responsible for being fat. It is just one of many SPONTANEOUS spillovers from the dismal indulgence of globally normalized consciousness narrative pathology.

“At all levels (except the one selected as foundational by the specific dimensional truncation) inherent existence (the noun quality) does not belong to the object being described.” c. Thad Roberts, Einstein’s Intuition *yet to be published.

Seemingly very close to true monsim, but by the pragmatics of proliferation of a very simple dualism error, massively removed from it. The error is the assumption that objects are being described, instead of realizing spontaneously in semiotic form as sheer phenomena, in other words as conscious experience without an entity doing the experience, or consciousness narrative without narrator.

“Inherent existence as a thing, rather than as an organizational phenomenon of smaller things, depends on the scale of observation.” c. Neil Theise M.D.

Correction: The STORY of inherent existence as a thing … includes the inherent subjectivity and prostration of the populace.

In other words things are realized phenomena. They do not exist, in any extra-narrative sense of the word, except by the archetype mythology of horrifically opportunistic authoritarian shamanism. The idea of “existence” is dismal leadership rhetoric derived from baboon troupe politics and city state organization by oracles and kings as sacred intermediaries to the ultimate gods.

“When this reductive process [of cascading structure] is not truncated we gain access to an explanation on every level of resolution throughout physical reality.” c. Thad Roberts, Einstein’s Intuition.

Wrong. It is not an explanation. It is the MENTAL PHENOMENON that the POTENTIAL development for spontaneous consciousness narrative mythology is infinite, which explicitly negates the idea that physical reality is infinite. Physical reality has to realize to be real, in fact it is only real as it realizes, and it is not real between realizations.

“Nature and all its forms are endless cascades of emergent phenomena – self-organizing entities that build from the smallest to the largest – bringing together the finite and the infinite. When we map it with a finite dimensional perspective it becomes a noun, when we don’t it remains an endlessly cascading verb.” c. Thad Roberts, Einstein’s Intuition.

So near yet so far—again, despite true monistic words like “phenomena,” “noun” and “verb,” the intrinsic error is that we as agents pathetically subject to some ultimate X, albeit God or Existence, explore and map reality, instead of language in reflection of intra-narrative maps realizing spontaneously as conscious experience without attribution to volitional agency.

The infinite superventional rapids mentioned in the previous paragraph is not a verb. It is mythology by a noun object realizing dynamically, in other words it is the narrative semiosis of the verb object.

re. Western/Greek tradition of reality as a noun and Eastern/Hebraic tradition of reality as a verb.

The epistemological/ontological goal of volitional agentive subjects understanding nature as if “using” consciousness is pathological consciousness-existence dualism. It is narrative-incoherent and delusional. Narrative coherence is epistemological. It is true monism, in other words it is understanding consciousness as it is, as the spontaneous realization of the phenomena of conscious experience, namely as consciousness narrative.

Conscious experience or consciousness narrative is not only reflective or cognitive-interpretive (specially human) consciousness. It includes the tiniest bits of visceral emotion, unfortunately now incoherently embodying supernarrative existence.

Nature realizes as a dismal narrative distortion by the error that it extends beyond the reality of its realization by only conscious experience. Truly understanding that error is the only key to coherent realization of the problem known as runaway environmental destruction.

It does not mean that we can fix that problem. It means that in the correct understanding of nature as conscious experience as it realizes, by narrative coherent epistemological correlation that problem and nearly all other problems would be spontaneously healed.

Realization of anything as more than mental phenomenon is impossible. The normalized mythology in sacred axiomatic contradiction of that truth is narrative-pathological delusion.

Good scientific practice as the responsible duty of a volitional practitioner is narrative-dualistic atrocity.

Euclidian or classical assumptions insufficiently resolve strong and weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity. That there is potential for extended modeling in sufficient resolution of those four nebulous objects still does not point to a primary realm beyond conscious experience, as the substrate producing consciousness. The reality of conscious experience, besides 1) its common familiar animal form and 2) the shamanic atrocity of narrative-pathological rationalization of hierarchical subjective spiritual human subjects prostrate before ultimate objects like Karma or the Holy Ghost, includes both 3) scientific empirical structure and 4) mathematical modeling.

The point of true monism is not predictability. It is coherent consciousness narrative by which the best possible predictability would spontaneously realize.

The infinite fractal structure POTENTIAL of the CONSCIOUSNESS NARRATIVE multiverse is a verb, but in the sense that it is a verb object, therefore it is a noun. While there is no existential causality, determinism or movement except as narrative reality, that is not the problem. The cognitive-rhetorical sophistication and continuing evocation of force and power in a dismally truncated social, political and economic reality is the problem. Judgment and praise or punishment of individuals for what they have supposedly done is on every side the atrocity of the globally normalized pathological delusion of “existential” power.

Civilization is truly a derivative stupidity epidemic worldwide in sophisticated rhetorical recapitulation of primal baboon troupe hierarchy.

Sensation of movement or change is not movement or indicative of existing. It is conscious experience, in other words it is consciousness narrative. Sensation of movement is an absolutely real realization. It is reality as narrative sensation—but it is utterly insufficient and therefore pathologically incoherent by its invocation of volitional audience, actors, players or narrators.

“If we are to ever make sense of force phenomena, then we must dissolve forces. Forces are, by definition, entwined with unexplained magic. If we want to grasp more than just a puff of logic when we talk about force phenomena, then we must look behind the curtain and ruin the magic trick.” c. Thad Roberts, Einstein’s Intuition.

This sentiment about “force” should spontaneously logically extend to “existence,” but such an extension is now blatant heresy. It is abandonment of wondrously mystical collective unconscious by stereotypical archetypes. It negates personal volitional action. It exposes as pathologically redundant the realization of conscious experience as exploration by an explorer.

The notion of existence is the matrix of all bigotry.

“… to embrace the magical title of force is to abandon an explanation of what’s going on – trading it for a mere description.” c. Thad Robert, Einstein’s Intuition.

The magical title of existence is abandonment of the spontaneous realization of reality completely as conscious experience—instead of existential minimization of conscious experience as subjective personal opinion of individuals subject to some “advanced” authority—in rationalization and validation of the unquenchable addiction of mystical volition and power.

The Determinism of Potential

The egregious error of emergence, namely that some qualities of a certain resolution of consciousness narrative are irreducible to higher resolution constituents and others are reducible is the incoherence, error and indeed the narrative-pathological delusion of consciousness existence dualism. In the hypothesis of true monism every single phenomenon is theoretically reducible to every level of higher resolution, to infinity—as consciousness narrative. That exactly does not mean that phenomena exist. It means that they spontaneously realize, and that the mentioned theoretical higher resolution or infinite reducibility is narrative potential and not existence.

“There is a fundamental disparity between the way we perceive the world, including our own existence in it, and the way things actually are.” c. The Dalai Lama

1) The disparity between “X” for indefinable and conscious experience is not a fundamental disparity. It is indefinable. 2) We do not perceive the world. 3) We do not exist.

We realize spontaneously as conscious experience, like everything else.

The realization of conscious experience is indefinable as belonging to anything at all, including the universe, or even itself as universe. It is the only definable reality.

Given that the following applies to the investigation as well, namely it does not exist or have an author, or by personification itself acts.

The investigative hypothesis is that the realization of all reality is real as consciousness, not as existential thing, but as SPONTANEOUS conscious experience (without narrator or ‘experiencer’).

The question whose conscious experience anything is, is pathological denial by consciousness existence dualism. Existence is incoherent redundancy. The question is paradoxical and circular incoherence, ultimately realizing as redundant gods and other redundant homunculi. The notion that anyone can agree with each other or not—as agents with opinions—is incoherent for the same reason. The truth is that persons do simply realize really real, as mental phenomena. The story that they also EXIST so as to DO or OWN the thinking and other doing is narrative-pathological redundancy.

The investigative hypothesis is that mental phenomena are mind—by Occam’s Razor the most parsimonious hypothesis. The concern about things just hanging in space (without someone who produces it or has it) extends to existence in general supposedly creating it, or by that discipline whatever is fundamental to it, its more highly resolved substrate. It is the same error as that God must have created existence, a Super God must have created God, and so on.

The hypothesis is that conscious experience has no agent or fundamental substrate whatsoever reflects in the very language of the investigation of true monism.

The investigation spontaneously realizes absolutely real as conscious experience, like everything else, including UFO’s and unicorns. The vital judgment about things is not if they exist or are real, but if they are coherent, by non-evocation of super-narrative, in other words if they are true monism consciousness narrative instead of the NARRATIVE-pathological delusion of consciousness existence dualism (Xd).

So, the investigation is the evolution of a most parsimonious, therefore most tractable reality by which things do not exist at all except exactly* as it spontaneously realizes as kinetic conscious experience or consciousness narrative. Even potential reality realizes as potential in terms of kinetic reality—in reference to possible past or future experience—since both what has realized and what will realize are uncertain, and a matter of probability.

* The consciousness-existence dualism (Xd) framing that physical objects exist even when not realized as reflective-conscious phenomena is narrative-incoherent redundancy.

For instance the true monism framing reality will be like this, although the pragmatic composition of true monism has a long way to develop yet … a vehicle or driving does not exist OR realize, before re-realizing after daydreaming a mile further down the highway. However, the realization of that potential reality (only when realizing as potential, as here, now) is nearly complete during the daydreaming. It is a highly sustained potential consciousness narrative by kinetic interpretation as potential.

While sustainable realization potential of both car and driving is usually nearly 100% in such a consciousness narrative it varies. Extreme youth or age is typically ground for lower probability.

It seems to be a problem that this new kind of sustainable consciousness potential realization in true monism would not be much better—than the current dismal over-extension of consciousness narrative of things presumed to EXIST between realizations, in contradiction of realizing explicitly as phenomena.

The problem is how persons will not continue to be judged correlatively as realization potential in civilization’s total institutionalized normalization of a vindictive circle of psychological denial pathetically tokenly ameliorated and aggressively covered up with formulaic or faddish mirth, love or empathy.

So, the problem of all persons dismally subject to institutionalized societal judgment, if not existentially with consciousness existence dualism (Xd) then as phenomena with true monism (Tm)—by dominant kinetic realization referencing realization potential—is a central issue that must be (spontaneously) resolved.

The narrative-pathological delusion of consciousness existence dualism reflects in the error that “interactions” between “parts” of a whole are the magic actions of existential volitional agency of physical entitities and that they ‘produce’ the emergent qualities of wholes.

Reality is Finite

Reality is stochastic both because a small finite number of cognitive dimensions (parameters) realize and because consciousness is very finite in every parameter of the few that do realize.

The quantization of spacetime is no proof or indication of existential determinism in the empirical interpretation that there are multiple spacetime dimensions. It is no proof or indication that the idea of extra-narrative existence is coherent.

“A man can do as he wills, but not will as he wills” and “psychologically incapable of knowing what is good and not doing it” quotes correlate with Schopenhauer.

Predetermination is redundant. What realizes, realizes. A deterministic mindset does not fix unpredictability. Consciousness narrative by deconstructive analysis merely tends to determinism in just a few parameters at a time. The redundant extra-narrative notion of existence and thereby the common illusion of a completely deterministic universe is an error that is fatal—as evident in the collapse of the biosphere. It is narrative incoherence or narrative pathological delusion.

The true monistic implication of the previous update is that we do not do anything at all, but that spontaneous animate consciousness narrative fully realizes as whatever scenario presents as best overall, if its full realization seems sufficiently probable.

The Dualism: Epistemöntology

In quantum space theory the whole universe consisting of Planck-sized quanta is itself a single quantum at a next lower resolution universe in a hierarchy or infinite fractal development of universes, the multiverse. It further follows that all levels of the multiverse have the same geometric structure.

This indicates a very specific kind of geometric structure of consciousness narrative. The implication is that the real reality does not produce consciousness, but that conscious experience is the real reality and that its realization is fractal. Furthermore there may be an infinite variety potential for utterly different multiverses, each with a different fractal geometry.

“The constants of Nature supervene on the intrinsic spatiotemporal properties of the metric. They are written by the texture of the superfluid vacuum.” c. Thad Roberts, Einstein’s Intuition.

Signification is spontaneous realization of consciousness by cognition and content. It is the semiotic logic of conscious experience by slow reflection and the fast emotion of primal or practiced experience. Neither spacetime geometry or superfluid vacuum exists. It is narrative recapitulation of the primal physical landscape as narrative. It is impossible to know why or how any reality realizes because every explanation is just more of the very texture of consciousness itself.

“Quantization automatically and naturally dictates the values of the constants of Nature, and these constants in turn fix the character of the laws of physics that have led to the evolution of life and what we call consciousness. No other postulate is needed. Indeed there is no room for any other postulate. The reduction of Nature’s constants to combinations of the vacuum’s geometric parameters is the simplest and most beautiful explanation we could seek.” c. Thad Roberts, Einstein’s Intuition.

E-eh. The simplest story is that every bit of conscious phenomenon, including the STORY of life, is consciousness narrative. Furthermore, the ontological error is a most horrific narrative incoherence.

That does not mean quantum space theory is wrong in every respect, but that it is wrong in the ontological assumption, by the authoritarian-shamanic error of consciousness existence dualism (Xd). The most primal physical or spiritual sensation is as much part of consciousness narrative as the most sophisticated theory or analysis.

Universal laws do not shape a universe of more intuitive sensory and visceral experience. They also do not merely correlate with the universe. They are more of it. The numerical constraints of the universe and the intuitive universal content, physical and spiritual, are all purely mental phenomena. Mental phenomena do not also exist.

Consciousness narrative certainly does tend to determinism, but it is stochastic. Had consciousness been infinite, both in depth AND WIDTH, universal reality (the universe) would have been deterministic and the future would have been utterly predictable. Well, it is not. It is permanently finite. Therefore reality is stochastic and the future is unpredictable.

“In the particular is contained the universal.” c. James Joyce

In consideration of reality as the consciousness narrative of conscious experience, the dynamic equations ideally tending a deterministic universe are not particular. They are specific, and therefore are biased or closed system generalizations by the error of consciousness existence dualism (Xd).

“The assumption that the state vector is a complete and exhaustive descriptor of quantum mechanical systems interrupts the deterministic beauty of physics by requiring us to tack on state vector reduction to our description – thereby introducing ‘quantum uncertainty.’ The ‘fact’ that quantum systems behave in non-deterministic ways is only a ‘fact’ if we grant that the state vector is fundamental. The lack of determination in quantum mechanics comes about only in the application of state vector reduction. “It is not to be found in the time-evolution of the quantum state, as described by the Schrödinger equation.” ” c. Thad Roberts, Einstein’s Intuition, inner quote c. Roger Penrose.

Science is the cognitive and emotional threading of consciousness narrative purely as the phenomena of conscious experience tending to alignment. It is not knowledge of existence. The idea that science is about existence or ontological, is a very simple error but it massively proliferates throughout, rendering a civilization mythology afflicted with acute pathological delusion.

The dismal error of the authoritarian shamanic evocation of existence is normalization of consciousness narrative incoherence or misalignment as evident in the ongoing collapse of the biosphere. Existence is redundant dualism, a narrative corruption by chronic denial of Occam’s Razor (the principle of parsimony).

The infinite fractal reduction of consciousness narrative as multiverse furnishes but potential determinism, in the same sense that there is potential in an electromagnetic field. The idea that it exists is incoherently redundant. It is consciousness narrative predictability in narrative terms of the potential acceleration of the right kind of body entering the electromagnetic field.

We do not exist. We are potentially real or kinetically real, and objectively so—as conscious experience. The notion of being a volitional agentive subject with subjectivity is shaman error and pathology.

It is the error of consciousness existence dualism (Xd).

The notion of universal determinism is the same pathological redundancy as existence. It is a narrative error that is as pathetically shamanic as the evocation of God, because it is literally the same mental illness. Yes there is limited determinism, because consciousness is finite, and yes, there is real realization in terms of phenomena, but they do not reference noumena or Universals. The only coherent reference to the latter is “X,” for “indefinable.”

Consciousness narrative certainly does tend to determinism, but it is stochastic. Had consciousness been infinite, both in depth AND WIDTH, universal reality (the universe) would have been deterministic and the future would have been utterly predictable. Well, it is not. It is permanently finite. Therefore reality is stochastic and the future is unpredictable.

The undeniable phenomenon of consciousness narrative deterministic potential is no indication of an ultimate realm in the normalized pathological shamanic mythology presumed as only partially accessible by conscious experience, and conveniently conducive to authoritarian or enlightenment epistemöntological hierarchy named “existence.”

A good word for Xd is epistemöntology.

“I am, in fact, rather firmly convinced that the essentially statistical character of contemporary quantum theory is solely to be ascribed to the fact that this (theory) operates with an incomplete description of physical systems… [In] a complete physical description the statistical quantum theory would… take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics…” c. Albert Einstein

YES! The only persistent problem is the very simple albeit most primitive baboon-like power-loving error of epistemöntology, in the pathological delusion of the psychological denial of the fact that conscious experience itself is reality.

Epistemöntology is the only obstacle to the absolute unification of knowledge.

Physical reality does not exist, in other words it is not more than the phenomenon that it is. Therefore epistemic consideration is inanely delusional in the presumption of referencing or approximating some ontological state, and as a story of esoteric shamans being privy to its sacred existential reality. Reality is epistemological. Period.

Reality is Epistemological

“The claim that the physical parameters of our universe were ‘randomly selected,’ assumes that a selection process exits – that some kind of process is responsible for that exact assignment (like a random number generator). If events are selected, then they are caused.” c. Thad Roberts

The probabilistic realization with some predictability of the former future now, now and now, etc. is not by Occam’s razor random “selection.” It is spontaneous realization. The belief that the phenomena of conscious experience necessitate existence, in this case an existential “selector,” truly is germ to the belief that existence too doesn’t just pop up out of thin air (or has always existed), but needs a creator.

One of the things universal in the realization of X rhetoric is the strawman.

The thing is, it is impossible to know about existence. Knowing is about knowing. Knowing in supposition of knowing existence is the pathological delusion of projected incompleteness or the narrative drawing of subjective subjects in constitution of baboon-idiotic organizational authoritarianism.

That is why Psychology as normalized is the institution of psychological denial, and the Law as normalized is the institution of the narrative of personal attack by retribution. These pathological-institutional narratives of consciousness existence dualism infect every newborn, and continue as disease throughout the narrative lifetime of every person.

“Because we have no reason to expect that our universe is special, it would be very satisfactory to discover a theory that reveals a mechanism that determines the physical parameters – requiring them to be as we observe them.” c. Thad Roberts

Yes, it would satisfactory, by the narrative-pathological delusion of the institution of the physical and spiritual as narrative-existential imperative. And once the commensurate mechanisms assimilate as narrative the emptiness extends as never before—as the future discovery of whatever determines the mechanisms—out of an abysmally existential proliferation of knowledge. How the …. is such idiocy possible? The permanently empty ego subject, subject as X, to X.

The knowledge now extending is pathological because it is incoherently redundant in the supposition that what is being discovered is existence—or at the very least a theory in reference to existence. OK, what if the answer is all that is extending is empirical observation, namely the scientific equivalent of conscious experience? The existential language of normalized society thickly present in the scientific method except for such superficial evasive explanations (that it is only theory), massively negates it.

The realization of consciousness narrative is narrative-pathological in the redundancy and delusion that it is ontological.

THE UNIVERSAL LAWS are not ontological calculus, or a matter of existence. They are epistemological calculus, or A MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS. There simply is no exploration of the universe as existential realm except as the mythology of ‘existential or ontological exploration,’ which is not exploration at all. It is only a story of exploration by which the usual ontological sense of the word renders epistemological. Similarly the word, “investigation.” The investigation is epistemological, a literate convention in spontaneous realization of embryonic true monism.

The most primal, tactile or intuitive renderings, for instance the universal vacuum rendering as superfluid, are no more ontological than the deep abstract mathematical quantum logic of the universal laws. Everything is empirical, in other words it is conscious experience or consciousness narrative. It is not in the least ontological. Every rendering is absolutely and permanently epistemological. Reality is utterly conscious experience.

The limit of spacetime curvature, no matter how primitively satisfactory, remains an epistemological consideration. It is a matter of mind as the realization of conscious experience, not a matter of so-called ‘existence.’

The runaway corruption of the biosphere is not inevitable. The problem is the corruption of consciousness by the bullshit of volitional agency, by the narrative-logical mental error of consciousness existence dualism.

The correction by true monism, if it ever realized, would realize as narrative, spontaneously, and it would realize correlate to every single narrative entity, organization or foundation now in blissful incoherence realizing as if subject to existence.