What Is Intellectual Maturity?

The maturity we gain, as we grow older, we think of as intellectual maturity. The development of intellectual maturity is a mechanical process unique to civilization and in tune with civilized organization. Primitive mind development was far more organic, in tune with nature. It was so extremely different, we cannot imagine the specifics.

As organizational processes evolved exponentially, they required human cognition to become completely adaptive. It required a structure for cognitive development open to the complete adaptivity of mythology and story telling. Developing intellectual maturity in civilization is now a lifelong process of acquiring successive, more inclusive stages of storytelling or fictionalizing. On this fictionalizing track, civilized minds at every level of maturity share the characteristic of being able to imagine and agree to anything held in the mind’s eye (objectively) to be real, because it is always framed in childlike faith (subjectively) in terms of more inclusive category. Subjectivity always frames objectivity. Even the most mature civilized minds cannot think of something as real without a metaphysical story, a construct of faith supporting it. It is this mechanical injunction on human minds that is the greatest atrocity of civilization.

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